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Life At School

Life At School

Life At School

Many siblings have times when things get hard at school because of what is happening at home. Friends and teachers may not understand what things are like for you. Read about some of the stuff that affects siblings like you at school and the things that can help.

People are mean because my brother is different

Siblings tell us that people are sometimes mean about their brothers and sisters. This might be because they look different or behave differently to other people. It upsets siblings when people are mean, even if it’s because they don’t understand.

Some things you can do if people are mean about your brother or sister

  1. Talk to a parent or teacher if people are being mean about your brother or sister at school.
  2. Walk away if people are saying things to try and upset you.
  3. Ask if you can talk to your class at school about your brother or sister and what makes them special to you.

I can’t get homework done

Siblings tell us that it can be hard to get homework done because there is lots going on at home. They get interrupted by their brother or sister, or may have to help to look after them. It is very difficult when this happens.

Some things you can do if you find it hard to do your homework

  1. Ask your parent to help you find a quiet place at home to do your work where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Tell your teachers if things at home are making it hard for you to do homework.
  3. Ask your parent if you can do your homework at a friend’s house sometimes.

My teacher doesn’t understand

Siblings tell us that teachers don’t understand what it’s like for them at school or at home. They get into trouble for being late, missing lessons or not having the right stuff with them. This can feel very unfair and upsetting. It’s important that teachers understand what it’s like for you as a sibling.

Some things you can do if your teacher doesn’t understand

  1. Ask your teacher for extra time to complete homework.
  2. Ask your teacher to let you check in at home when you are feeling worried.
  3. Ask your parent to talk to your teacher about what things are like for you at home.
  4. If your teacher would like to be able to understand sibling issues better we can send them some information from YoungSibs.

I’m tired in class

Many siblings tell us that they get woken up at night by their disabled brothers and sisters, or by their parents caring for their brothers and sisters during the night. You need sleep to stay healthy, to learn at school and to have energy to do sport and fun activities.

Some things you can do if you get woken up at night

  1. Talk to your parent about being disturbed at night.
  2. Ask your parent if things like nappies and equipment can be stored in another room that you don’t sleep in.
  3. Ask your parent to tell your teacher that you get woken up at night.

Sometimes I get bullied

Siblings tell us that they are often bullied because of their brother or sister. It is frightening and stressful it this is happening to you. Bullying can happen to anyone and it is always wrong. The most important thing is to get help to make it stop.

Some things you can do if you are being bullied

  1. Ask a parent or teacher or other adult you trust to help you with the bullying or teasing. Write down the things that the bully has said or done and give this to your parent or teacher.
  2. If someone is saying things to upset you, just ignore them and walk away.
  3. If you are being bullied online or on social media, take pictures or screenshots of what has been said and show these to your parent or teacher.
  4. You can contact ChildLine at any time of day or night to talk to someone about bullying and to get advice on what to do about it.
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